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The Dangers of Essential Oils & Cats

When we have cats running around our homes, we must practice precaution. But as with cats, we often find ourselves wanting to mask that litter box smell or still wish to enjoy putting off a pleasant scent in our homes. When it comes to essential oils, many of us have one or more diffusers around our homes. But did you know that emitting essential oils around cats can be detrimental to their health?

A cat owner on Reddit shared her cat’s survival story and is hoping that it can help others to prevent this from happening to their cats.

"...Essential oils are toxic to cats. I didn’t know this and got a diffuser for my apartment. This was the result – I came home to my kitten being limp and barely breathing. Big thanks to Terra Nova vet’s Dr. Chaudhry who saved my baby’s life. DO NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS IN YOUR HOME IF YOU HAVE CATS!!!!.." Pet Poison Help online details some essential oils which are known as being toxic to our feline friends. Remember, essential oils come from the deepest part of the plant. This means that they are highly potent and the smallest amount can be deadly for a cat that is susceptible to their toxins.

These potent oils should always be diluted when used, and it’s definitely best to keep them far out of reach from your curious cat. made a visual (below) to help cat owners know which particular plants (most of which are available in essential oils form) are safe and toxic to cats:

Toxicity can come from certain compounds in certain essential oils. In fact, much of the essential oil controversy comes from certain compounds found in a few different essential oils. A cat’s liver can’t metabolize these compounds like a human’s liver can.

The liver of a cat absorbs, filters, and metabolizes nutrients much differently than a human, or even another type of animal, does. They lack an important chemical that’s responsible for the breakdown of substances that enter the body. Most other animals have no trouble with these compounds, and this is why essential oil safety with cats is so important.

Do you know which plants are toxic to cats? Lily poisoning is high on that list, and sadly many cats have lost their lives when coming into contact with this lethal flower.

When it comes to our beloved cats, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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