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It’s so important to have annual exams with your trusted vet. During your regular visits to the vet, make sure your pet is updated on all vaccinations, especially when they are young and most vulnerable to major diseases. Here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy.

General hygiene goes a long way:

• Apply flea and heart-worm medications.

• Clean their teeth often and provide them with chew toys.

• Groom their coats and nails, and schedule baths regularly.

It’s also necessary to keep your pets mentally fit:

• Teach them new tricks. Pets enjoy learning new things and love getting rewarded for what they’ve learned.

• Add new toys to the mix. Also, puzzle toys keep your pet’s mind engaged and challenges them.

• Spend quality time with them. Leaving pets alone for too long can sometimes cause them to develop separation anxiety. Hiring a Pet Sitter can help elevate this while you’re away.

• Introduce them to other animals and people. Socialization is critical for young pets, and they will enjoy meeting more animals and people as they grow older.


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