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Pet Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

Pets are great additions to Thanksgiving dinners; here are a few safety tips before bringing them to the table.


The holidays are a time of celebration and joy, but they can also be stressful. People and pets can experience high levels of excitement and anxiety, which can lead to problems. To ensure your pup is secure:

  • Keep your pet’s ID and microchip information up to date.

  • Make sure your pet feels safe by educating family members on how to interact with them in a way that he or she enjoys.

  • Don't feed your pet anything that's not allowed, no matter how cute they look.

  • Keep beverages out of reach from thirsty canine tongues!


With the delicious smells of cooking food wafting through your house, it's easy to forget everything. Potentially dangerous things can happen if you're not diligent! Please keep your dog away from the kitchen while you're cooking, and put anything you cook straight into the oven until it's done.

It may be impossible for Fido to resist the temptation of a cooked turkey, warm bread rolls smothered in butter, and creamy gravy, even if he hasn't tried to climb on the table before.


At this time of year, holiday decorations make an appearance that, while festive, can be a problem if your dog ingests them.

  • Poinsettias and holly are poisonous if eaten in even a tiny amount. The berries of these plants may cause stomach problems, vomiting, and more severe outcomes.

  • Fir trees and wreaths may also affect a dog's digestive system - when the needles enter the pet's mouth or through the skin, they can cause serious harm.

  • Candles and holiday string lights might also result in injury to curious dogs.

  • At Home: Even if your dog is typically not a chewer, he might get tempted by exotic smells and start chewing on holiday decorations. To avoid such an incident, the best thing to do would be to place all decorations out of his reach.

  • Visiting: When visiting other homes with your pets during the holidays, please keep a close watch over them, so they don't get into anything dangerous.


The holidays are a time for feasting but eating rich foods can cause stomach issues and be tough on our pup's digestive tract. Thanksgiving is a time when you need to be careful. Foods we enjoy as humans can be poisonous to our four-legged friends.

  • BONES: Turkey bones are a big no-no for dogs. These bones can splinter, get stuck in the throat or digestive system, or perforate the intestine.

  • TURKEY SKIN: You can feed dogs a little plain turkey here and there, but don't feed him turkey skin. Fatty items like skin can cause a digestive upset as well as pancreatitis.

  • ONIONS: A dog's digestive system won't be able to break down Onions or Shallots. One reason is that they contain compounds that can cause serious complications.

  • BREAD: Thanksgiving can be challenging for dogs, especially those with yeast dough allergies. Symptoms may include bloating, stomach expansion, and vomiting.

  • DESSERTS: It would be best not to give your dogs any human treats. Dogs should avoid desserts because they contain an enormous amount of sugar. Some sweets have Chocolate which can be hazardous to dogs. "Xylitol" is an artificial sweetener added to many baked goods and is extremely toxic to pets.

  • WHIPPED CREAM: Dairy products can cause diarrhea in dogs.


During the holidays, humans love to reward themselves with special little treats, and our dogs are no different. It feels great to spoil your best friend with tasty treats, so here are a few delicious doggy recipes your pup will love!


If you're traveling this holiday season, it's important to be safe. By following a few simple precautions, you can make your trip much more enjoyable.


The best way to show appreciation for your pup this Thanksgiving is by giving him a little extra love and attention. Take him for a walk, visit a great dog park, explore the fall outdoors together, or plan a pet-friendly holiday trip.

If you cannot bring your pet along with you this holiday season, consider hiring an experienced, licensed, and bonded professional Pet Sitter.

Hiring a pet sitter to visit your home and spend quality time with your fur baby will not only ease your pet's separation anxiety, but it will also provide you with peace of mind while you're away.

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